What's Preventing You From Living Healthier?

It's now easy to find a health club in Cheyenne, WY

Convenience is one of the biggest obstacles to eating healthy. It's so easy to find fast-food restaurants near your home or workplace. Now, there's a health club just steps from downtown Cheyenne, WY and the regional hospital.

Frontier Nutrition is the perfect place to enjoy healthy shakes and other quick snacks for weight loss and increased energy...

Before your shift

During your lunch break

While you're out and about

Stop by today to kick-start your healthy eating habits.

Our Nutrition Club

Our Nutrition Club

Take a look around our health club.

The Aloe Tea Shake Experience

The Aloe Tea Shake Experience

See why people can't get enough of our energy boosters.

Go Further

Go Further

We can help you achieve all your health and nutrition goals.



Get directions to Frontier Nutrition.

Our meal replacement shakes taste amazing

Hate the chalky taste of protein-packed shakes? So do we. As the last step of our Aloe Tea Shake Experience, our shakes not only taste amazing, but they also come in a variety of flavors.

Our customers love our meal replacement shakes for weight loss, increased energy and much more. We know you will, too. Read the Testimonials page now to see what your neighbors and co-workers are saying.

Having trouble sticking to your nutrition goals?

You don't have to do this alone. At Frontier Nutrition, we're looking at changing people's lives through good nutrition, coaching and a healthy lifestyle.

We can design a nutrition program tailored to your goals. You'll work with a dedicated health coach in Cheyenne, WY who will check in regularly to see how you're doing.

Visit the Go Further page now to learn more about our accountability program.